The genome assembly presented here is preliminary. It represents a whole genome shotgun assembly of Roche 454 sequences generated in the laboratories of Zhijian Tu and Igor Sharakhov at Virginia Tech, USA. Dr. Yogesh Shouche at the National Centre for Cell Science, India, is also involved in this collaborative effort. The assembly totals 158Mb of sequence in 33,024 contigs and 6,150 scaffolds. As this version of the assembly is being annotated by VectorBase, an improved assembly was obtained at Virginia Tech and this has been submitted to GenBank. Future annotation refinement will be made using the new assembly.

Genome Size (bp): 
Scaffold count: 
6 150
Release date: 
Thursday, July 5, 2012


Indian strain (sometime also called the Indian Wild Type) originally established at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. It belongs to the ''type'' biological form and has a segregating 2Rb inversion.

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Gene sets

29 Jun 2012