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VectorBase is committed to a new release every two months. A list of changes and the latest data (e.g., current gene sets) relative to a specific release can be found in our release notes. Current and archived data are available for download below (an FAQ provides a summary of the file types).

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File Organism Size Type Description
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_CHROMOSOMES_AatrE3.fa.gz Anopheles atroparvus 57.24 MB Chromosomes EBRO strain genomic chromosomes sequences, AatrE3 assembly, softmasked using RepeatMasker, Dust, and TRF.
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_SCAFFOLDS_AatrE3.fa.gz Anopheles atroparvus 57.24 MB Scaffolds EBRO strain genomic scaffolds sequences, AatrE3 assembly, softmasked using RepeatMasker, Dust, and TRF.
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_PEPTIDES_AatrE3.1.fa.gz Anopheles atroparvus 4.61 MB Peptides EBRO strain peptide sequences, AatrE3.1 geneset.
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_TRANSCRIPTS_AatrE3.1.fa.gz Anopheles atroparvus 9.14 MB Transcripts EBRO strain transcript sequences, AatrE3.1 geneset.
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_BASEFEATURES_AatrE3.1.gff3.gz Anopheles atroparvus 2.12 MB Basefeatures EBRO strain AatrE3.1 geneset in GFF3 format.
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_BASEFEATURES_AatrE3.1.gtf.gz Anopheles atroparvus 1.8 MB Basefeatures EBRO strain AatrE3.1 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_SCAFFOLD2CHROMOSOME_AatrE3.agp.gz Anopheles atroparvus 219.01 KB Scaffold to Chromosome mapping AGP (v2.0) file relating scaffolds to chromosomes for the Anopheles atroparvus EBRO strain, AatrE3 assembly.
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_MAPPINGS_AatrE1.3-AatrE1.4.txt Anopheles atroparvus 10.66 KB ID Mapping Stable ID mapping between genesets AatrE1.3 and AatrE1.4 (RNA gene update)
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_REPEATS.lib Anopheles atroparvus 28.31 KB RepeatMasker library RepeatMasker library file of repeats for Anopheles atroparvus, EBRO strain.
Anopheles-atroparvus-EBRO_REPEATFEATURES_AatrE3.gff3.gz Anopheles atroparvus 3.58 MB Repeat features EBRO strain AatrE3 repeat features (RepeatMasker, Dust, TRF) in GFF3 format.